On Hold


Not the "same old" on hold

When was the last time you heard a caller say, "Could you put me back on hold? I want to hear more."

Never? Maybe it's time for a change.

What do your callers hear when they're put on hold? Boring music? A radio station (maybe playing your competitor's commercials?) A dull voice with bland copy? Silence? What do you want your callers to hear?

Great voices? Compelling messages? Outstanding music? Clear sound?

Any quality on hold service should be able to deliver those.

The key to your success is in capturing your callers' imaginations. Messages that make them want to listen; that will increase your business; help you retain and up sell customers.

That's what we do.

Hedquist Productions' world-class creative team will apply the same skills, talent and resources that have won over 700 advertising awards and bottom-line results for clients in 44 states to your on hold messages.

You'll get:

Our no-risk guarantee:

If you're ever unhappy with our service IN ANY WAY with our service at any time, we'll redo it until it's right. If we can't turn you into a happy client, it won't cost you a penny.